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Attention all Town of Two Hills residents and business owners. Do you need fibre optic internet? Find out more and sign up here to express your interest in making Two Hills a fibretown community! Axia needs 30% of residents in Town to express interest for Axia to move into the evaluation phase.  You don’t have to pay any money now, just let them know that there is a lot of interest from our community.


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Press Releases

2016 Key Measures, Financial Indicator Graphs and corresponding notes prepared by Municipal Affairs.


Other Notices

Annual Public Meeting -  June 13, 2018 at 7 P.M. at the Centennial Hall

Agenda:  Review of Previous Years Audited Financial Statement, Review of Previous Years Capital Projects, Current Year Budget, Tax Rate and Approved Capital Projects, and Updates and Highlights.


Water and Sewer Rates Notice:  Effective March 1, 2018 there was an increase of 0.25 cents per m3 for each water and sewer and an increase to
$6.00 per m3 for bulk water.


Employment Opportunities

There are no open positions at this time.


For Sale: Land

ONLY 2 LOTS LEFT!   Golf Course Subdivision - lots are selling at $20,000 each plus GST.  $2,500 cash back incentives are available upon development within one year.  FIRST COME FIRST SOLD!  Contact the Town Administration Office for more details or see our Golf Course Subdivision Policy.

Lot 6 Block 22 Plan 89021287       5109 - 53 Street      SOLD

Lot 25 Block 22 Plan 8021287       5110 - 54 Street      SOLD

Lot 14 Block 22 Plan 8021287      5003 - 53 Street       SOLD

Lot 13 Block 22 Plan 8021287       5005 - 53 Street     SOLD

Lot 3 Block 23 Plan 8021287         5307 - 53 Street     60x115'

Lot 4 Block 23 Plan 8021287         5305 - 53 Street     60x115'

Lot 15 Block 22 Plan 8021287       5001 - 53 Street     SOLD


For Sale: Equipment (contact Foreman at 780-603-3328)

No equipment sales at this time.


Governance Review

Note that the Town of Two Hills, County of Two Hills, and Villages of Myrnam and Willingdon are currently in the process of completing an Inter-Municipal Study.  Details during progression will be announced in the local newspaper and in newsletters.